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A Brew of Life

A Brew of Life

I like my coffee with cream and my literature with optimism. – Abigail Reynolds

I am a city café cat,

Always punctual for a cup of coffee!

That wakes me up every morning.

With its heavenly aroma and liquid beauty.

One sip of you defines me my territories,

And illustrates me hardbacks that I read the day before.

A cup of you is my soul’s diary,

From which I sip my silent orisions.

A cup of espresso at dawn,

And a cappuccino with two easy eggs on breakfast.

Removes pallor of the night,

and helps me to descant on paradoxes of life smoothly.   

My afternoon siesta ends with latte,

A cup of coffee honeyed with milk.

And before dinner I prefer it dark,  

Akin to lava of hopeful steam radiating from the cup.

Not sure why I drink morning coffee,

May be it is just a morning ritual.

Of a cup, hot water, milk, and some brown gravel.

But, it is unquestionably more than that to me,

The meditation or bliss can it be.

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