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The Chestnut Tree

The Chestnut Tree

The pine stays green in winter… wisdom in hardship – Norman Douglas

In this frosty territory,

And amidst this hush quietude,

Oh chestnut tree how do you grow?

And bear fruits in profusion. 

Why your canopy spreads horizontally,

Unlike your coniferous cousins,

But in strong winds you resiliently,

Hum and moan softly like them.

When mysterious mists surround this place,

And grasses and birch trees,  

Surrender their griefs at your roots.  

Do you protect them till next spring? 

With a gothic shape how are you,   

Related with your close brother walnut?

Are your spiny fruits meant?  

To travel afar with wind and multiply a lot.

Making the natural selection more concrete,   

Do you wish to engulf the whole forest?

As you are not long-lived,  

Like your conifer brethren.  

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