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    • April 19, 2022

    My Hills

    She walked home through the darkening glade, singing of the stars; and the trees stood still and listened to her and the mountains were glad - Ruskin Bond

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    • April 6, 2022

    LEAD Co-Founder Smita Deorah Conferred ‘Power of Women Award 2022’

    Being India’s largest school EdTech platform, LEAD serves over more than 1.6 million students.

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    • March 31, 2022


    Fine. Since the tea is not forthcoming, let's have a philosophical conversation - Anton Chekhov

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    • March 16, 2022

    A Spring Morning

    When California was wild, it was the floweriest part of the continent. - John Muir

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    • January 14, 2022

    Pine Trees

    The pine tree seems to listen, the fir tree to wait and both without impatience - Friedrich Nietzsche


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